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What is LondonAuction for?

LondonAuction is a website where users can post their car items up for auctioning. Once the car is posted for auctioning, other users can bid on the car. LondonAuction is specifically for Cars in London, Ontario or close by locations. You can post any car up for auctioning, from minivans to supercars. If it is a car you can auction it here.

Please Note that LondonAuction is absolutely Free, No Starting Fee's, Listing Fee's OR Hidden Fee's

What are the rules for LondonAuction?

These rules are strictly enforced and any violations can cause a user to be banned or even legally prosecuted:

  1. It’s strictly forbidden to post your contact information

  2. As a user providing false information, you can be banned or even prosecuted

  3. According to the “Terms & Conditions” of LondonAuction, Auctioneers or Bidders are legally bound to complete a transaction within the allowed time period.

  4. You agree to abide by these rules, and the “Terms & Conditions” of the Website


Click here to see the “Terms & Conditions”


How Much does It Cost to Use LondonAuction?

LondonAucton Is absolutely FREE to use, No Listing Fees, No starting fees and no hidden fees, The only thing you can pay for is to make your ad featured for Just $10

How Do I Register?

Just Fill In The Registration Form, Then You will get a Confirmation sms code on your phone (If it's a Land Line You'll get a phone call with the registration code)

Once You verify the code (When you register, make sure you enter exact number,otherwise you might not be able to register), you will get a verification email, click on the link (in your email) to become a registered member

Click Here To Register

How to post a Car for auctioning?

You have to be a registered user to auction off a car. Once you have registered, click on “Create New Auction” in the navigation menu link.

Click Here To Post a Car For Auctioning

How to make my ad at the top of search results?

Once you have posted a car for auctioning, for $10 you can make your car a featured item. Basically that makes it come up at the top of search results. To make it featured, go to your car item’s page and click on the “PayPal” button.

What is the “Minimum Increase”?

Minimum increase is the minimum amount that a bidder can outbid another. For example if the minimum increase is $100, and the current highest bid is $5000, to outbid, the user has to bid $5100 or more. The minimum increase is specified by the Auctioneer when he/she posts their car for auctioning.

How does the auctioning process work?

The Auctioneer posts a car item for auctioning with a start price & expiry date. Registered users can bid on the item. When the item expires, the highest bidder is the winning bidder.

What is the time range for which I can post a car for Auctioning?

The Auction expiry date can be a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 1 month, from the date the item is posted.

What happens after an auction item expires?

After the auction expires, the contact information is exchanged between the Auctioneer and the Winning Bidder. The transaction is then done by them contacting each other. Please note, LondonAuction is just a service that connects Auctioneers to Bidders and the website is not involved in the final transaction. LondonAuction is NOT held accountable for incomplete transactions, but will try to resolve them if possible (See “Terms & Conditions”).

I’m interested in a car item and would like to ask the auctioneer a question, how do I do that?

Go to that car items page, scroll down to the comments section and add a comment or question you have. To post a comment you should have a "disqus" account. To create a "disqus" account you can create it directly by clicking on the disqus icon or through facebook, google or twitter icons. When posting comments in LondonAuction: DO NOT POST YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION, IT’S AGAINST THE RULES!

What is the maximum time for the completion of a transaction after auction expiry?

After the auction for a car item expires, the Auctioneer and the Winning Bidder have one month to complete the transaction. Please note: LondonAuction is NOT held accountable for incomplete transactions, but will try to resolve disputes. As an Auctioneer or Bidder you are legally bound to complete the transaction within one month. If you have a dispute, submit a request by going to the “Contact Us” page.

Click Here To Contact Us

As an Auctioneer or Bidder, am I legally bound to complete the transaction?

Yes you are. This is indicated in the “Terms & Conditions” of the website. You can be banned or even legally prosecuted if you don’t.

Click Here To View Terms And Condition

Can I post my personal contact Information on LondonAuction?

No. It’s strictly forbidden to do so. If you do that you’ll be banned.

How is my personal information handled?

According to the “Privacy Policy” of LondonAuction. Your personal information is not shared to any other 3rd party. It’s ONLY shared between the Auctioneer and the Winning Bidder so that the transaction can be completed.

Click Here To View Our Privacy Policy

What to do if the Auctioneer or Bidder does not complete a transaction?

First, try to resolve it directly with the other person. If that doesn’t work, fill a dispute request by going to the “Contact Us” page. LondonAuction will try it’s best to resolve the dispute.

I’m interested in an auction and would like to monitor it, How do I do that?

Go to that specific car item page & click on “Add to Watchlist” button. You’ll then be notified by email for any new bids and also a notification email with the current highest bid will be sent to you six hours before the end of the auction. Also, you can view the progress of these items by going to:

“Bidding” >>> “My WatchList”

How do I view the status of my Bids?

Go to “Bidding” >>> “My Active Bids” to view current active auctions you’ve bidded on

Click Here To View Your Ongoing Bids

Go to “Bidding” >>> “My Won Bids” to view expired auctions that you’ve won

Click Here To View Your Winning Bids

How do I view the status of my Auctions?

Go to “Bidding” >>> “My Auctions”

Click Here To View Your Posted Cars for Auctioning

How do I view the status of my WatchList Items?

Go to “Bidding” >>> “My WatchList”

Click Here To View Your WatchList

How do I rate a user?

Go to “My Actions” >>> “User Rating”

Click Here To Rate a User

How to see/edit my account information?

Go to “My Actions” >>> “My Account”

Click on the “edit” tab

Click Here To See/Edit Your Account

How Do I Get Notified for activity on a certain car item?

By Email. LondonAuction has Full email notification system for all types of activities happening on the website. For Example:

When posting a Car For Auctioning

When bidding on a car

When receiving a bid on your car

When being outbid by another user

As An Auctioneer when a user is outbids another on your item

As a Bidder on an item, even if you have been outbid you will still receive notifications on that car item

A BroadCast Message to all People who have bidded on an item, Exactly 6 Hours Before auction expiry

When An Auction Expires All Users Who Bidded on an item will be notified, including the auctioneer

When an auction expires, Contact info is exchanged between the highest bidder and the auctioneer including the winning bid

If You have an Item On Your Watchlist, you'll get notified for all activity on that item

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