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What We Are About

Founded in August of 2016, LondonAuction is a website that is built on the idea of revolutionizing the Car Auctioning Market in London, Ontario.

The innovation is that now you can Auction off your Car Online for Free with No listing fees, No hidden fees 100% Free.

The Traditional Alternative was that you have to attend Events organized by certain companies where you have to pay a registration fee and you have to travel some distance to get there.

Now, with Online Auctioning you don’t have to leave your home to find the Right car at the Right price. And as a Seller you can now enjoy the Fun of auctioning, if there is enough interest in your car, you might get the Best Deal ever for It.

The CEO & Founder of LondonAuction is Ahmad Khalil. He is a Software Developer with over 16 Years of Experience with the Last 7 in Web Development. He Graduated From McGill University in the Year 2000 with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering – Software Specialization. All his Life he was passionate about Software Development and pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation. When he moved to London, Ontario in late 2015, he saw an Opportunity to Fill a Big Void in the Online Car Auctioning Market. His Idea for a Free Website, Fully integrated from Great Design to Great Features to cater to this niche of the market is going to be a huge Success for years to come.



You've done a ton of online research and you know the car you want (and need) for carpooling, grocery shopping and weekend family fun. Now you're just about ready to head over to the dealership to test-drive — and possibly buy — that perfect car. Before you hand over your hard-earned money checkout LondonAuction. Here You might find that perfect car for far less.

  • Multi-step New Car Item Wizard: Posting a Car is divided into steps, so that entering all the required information is far easier to do and understand
  • Email notifications for all actions on your auction or a car you’ve bidded on
  • Huge Database with every variation for Year model, Main Model, Sub-Model & Trim. Also detailed Specification for each one of these variations.
  • The ability to make Your Car Item Featured for only $10. Great addition to make your ad stand out.
  • No starting fee's, No Listing fee's and No Hidden fee's. 100 % Free


How does the auctioning process work?

The Auctioneer posts a car item for auctioning with a start price & expiry date. Registered users can bid on the item. When the item expires, the highest bidder is the winning bidder.

What happens after an auction item expires?

After the auction expires, the contact information is exchanged between the Auctioneer and the Winning Bidder. The transaction is then done by them contacting each other. The Auctioneer/Winning Bidder are Legally bound to complete the transaction Click To See Terms and Conditions

What to do if Auctioneer/Bidder does not complete a transaction?

First, try to resolve it directly with the other person. If that doesn’t work, fill a dispute request by going to the Contact Us page. LondonAuction will try it’s best to resolve the dispute.

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